Adrev advertising/infringing on my content with bogus copyright claim. You??

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Adrev advertising/infringing on my content with bogus copyright claim. You??

Postby kozmick1 Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:32 pm

Hi, new here.

This was sent to Google 01/03/18. It received a token useless automated response yesterdauy Adrev advertising continues to run on my content without my permission. They have been non-responsive since I supplied copies of licensing agreements. Nice little scam, filing a copyright claim, then slow walking removal all the while collected ad revenue.

I have filed a complaint with the FTC for unfair business practices.. Anyone else having this problem? If so let's do something about it. Open for suggestions.

Anyway to exert pressure on Google to take action against abusers lile Adrev?




1. 12/25/2017 A copyright claim filed by Adrev. I received notice by email from Google.

2. 12/25 I filed 4 dispute claims on line with Google. Nothing from Adrev.

3. 12/25 I sent an email to Adrev directly advising them that I had complete unlimited license to use the music they allege is being infringed upon.

4. 12/27 Adrev requested the following: "The use of this music requires a license to be purchased. If you have a license, please reply with your official license PDF document attached."

5. 12/27 I complied immediately with the request and sent a .pdf of the license agreement directly from the CD licensed in 2010.

6. After many follow-ups Adrev has not responded. My content continues to infringed upon by Adrev's placement of banal, intrusive advertising, despite many attempts by to have it cleared. In the meantime they are garnering revenue from my content without my permission.

7. 01/01/2018 out of desperation from a failure to respond, I filed a copyright grievance through the on-line form on Google.

8, 01/01 I sent another email to Adrev demanding remedial action to remove the claim against my content with a copy to the Federal Trade Commission complaint department for unfair business practices. Again. Nothing, The ads continued to run and are still running as of 01/03 @12:30 PST,
In addition, I provided Adrev with a pdf file listing all the tracks from the complete library along with the license agreement for each CD, so that those tracks could be "white listed" so that any future use of the licensed library does not trigger the same Byzantine process. Again, nothing from Adrev.


1. Contact Adrev and demand they resolve this spurious claim for infringement forthwith and that I be notified directly that the claim is cleared with the effective date.

2. Advise Adrev that any music used from my licensed music library as tendered to Adrev in a pdf, be added to a white list, to prevent further bogus claims by Adrev,

After doing some research on-line this abuse of legal process by Adrev is apparently very widespread.
Adrev was quick to file a claim, yet non-responsive to correcting its proven groundless claim. By slow-walking this corrective process, Adrev is receiving revenue. This is unscrupulous and downright dishonest.

Many others have similar horror stories of dealing with Adrev for invalid copyright claims.It would appear that Google is allowing/enabling Adrev to practice unfair business practices against content provides with impunity. As a practical matter, these kinds of unscrupulous, exploitive business practices can and will have a chilling effect on the posting of creative, useful and often informative/educational content.

I hereby advocate that Adrev be held accountable by Google in the same manner, to same standard as the You-Tube end users to wit:
THREE STRIKES AND YOU'RE OUT. To get their attention.

1. Any Ad revenues garnered by Adrev by illegitimate claims after five(5) days should be tendered to the aggrieved party with a full accounting. It is currently taking Adrev 30 days to process the release of claim, in the meantime garnering revenue.
Despicable and unacceptable.

2. If the abuses by Adrev continue, they should in someway be penalized either monetarily or a through a loss of privilege to to represent license content providers. After Five(5) of providing competent proof of rights to content represented by Adrev, if Adrev fails to remedy the claim and remove the advertising from the content, a penalty of liquidated damages of $10/day or actual ad revenues, which ever is greater, to be paid to the aggrieved party until the advertising is removed. With no limit on damages..

Thank for your time.

I look forward to your response.
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