gold tannery supply

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gold tannery supply

Postby qizhen111 Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:57 am

Second, veneer market analysis veneer market Quotes placid, still to the main, all kinds of species with the previous performance of the overall considerable Sales are still better is the more popular Ash, Sapele, etc., while the other species of goods is more general,
there is no bright spot. In addition, the supply of goods in Myanmar is more scarce, such as gold pomelo and other veneer may face out of stock. However, although the gold tannery supply tight, but the business that the price of gold teak skin may be slightly raised, and will not significantly increase prices.
The current market in Guangdong market Shabi thick 0.6mm, AA grade offer 7.5 yuan / square meter; thick gray grass 0.6mm, mountain price of 9 yuan / square meter;
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