the international lumber

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the international lumber

Postby qizhen111 Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:55 am

also be the development program that accords with Gabon government, the international lumber that includes to will be built trades also the president below lot of state trims for a round deck around pool dagger president makes the center, urgent need develops Gabon field. " he says. Actually appropriate China is mixed of Gabon " lot " traceable in June 2012,

appropriate China group accuses Inc. of science and technology of appropriate China life signs equity to buy an agreement, buy Inc. of course of study of Gabon China Jia Mu,concrete outdoor furniture have Gabon natural resources of forest of 350 thousand hectare, initiate industry of Chinese country timber to appear on the market the company buys precedent of natural resources of the forest outside the condition.

As we have learned, besides forest land resource, appropriate China life still established two place lumber to machine base in Gabon, one place is located in Gabon capital waterproof under deck patio ideas benefit Bai Weier city machines base, the area makes an appointment with 150 mus, another place is located in bayou to visit firm compose town,outdoor deck manufacturer

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