storehouse sale price

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storehouse sale price

Postby qizhen111 Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:40 am

home market respect, too storehouse sale price from 1050 yuan / M³ reduces 1030 yuan / M³ , sale price of haze hill market from 1080 yuan / M³ reduces 1050 yuan / M³ ,Customer Reviews For Style Selections Composite Decking too shipment of Hua Qisong of & of hemlock of market of hill of storehouse, haze is slower. Lumber of current North America arrives basic it is 880 dollars / 1000 board feet, market sale keeps balance basically. Press current 135 dollars / M³ computation, market price case hangs 50 yuan / M³ .

Because the abidance of SPF increases price, hua Qisong of & of North America hemlock more the favour that is processed a business, treatment amount is larger and larger,Imitation Wood Decking Suppliers the price that causes Hua Qisong of & of North America hemlock lasts perch moves. 12 factories produce per year Hainan balata subordinate balata board material amounts to 300 thousand stere Group of forest products of company of subordinate of Inc.

of group of natural rubber industry has High Quality Discount Composite Fencing Materials Hainan processing factory of 12 balata wood, have square of year of board of glue yield rubber 300 thousand stere, compositive capable person is 30 thousand stere, honest wooden door 8000 () , ambry furniture 5000 () productivity. Wpc Deck Wholesale

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