construction of new market

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construction of new market

Postby qizhen111 Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:28 am

the construction of new market also offerred obtain employment opportunity to local villager. Come from the dawn of Sang Zhulin village to add, parents is helped manage all the time painting composite wood furniture after high school graduates sweet cafes. Dawn is added nowadays security personnel is done in lumber market, already mount guard worked.

This controller still introduces, new market also will offer obtain employment post actively for circumjacent villager, preferential the obtain employment problem that solves decking cost per linear foot local villager.

Big project of old the city zone: Project of industry of timber of Jiangsu coronal ox predicts annual produce 1 billion yuan On April 10 afternoon, old the city zone appoint Outdoor deck Furniture and Accessories Zhang Hui can do vice secretary, warden advance project of industry of coronal ox timber build the job. Zhang Hui emphasizes, should transform idea, form resultant force,outside wpc deck

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