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Policy from moderate

Postby qizhen111 Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:58 am

<p>Pulp imports are mainly from Canada, Brazil, the United States and other countries. These countries have more abundant coniferous forest resources, while China in the 'Q \u0026 A' raised the forest coverage rate increased to 20% of the requirements, whether to achieve , In the next year \u0026 rsquo; two sessions \u0026 lsquo; period to </p>
<p>see the outcome .In addition, the rise in the price of imported raw materials has spread to the domestic consumer prices. World Bank China senior high economist told reporters, due to input inflation, and labor costs Such as rising prices, the future price increases will not reach the point of view of vicious inflation, but will not maintain a </p>
<p>relatively low level.He expects next year's price increase higher than this year, he suggested that the central bank to further raise interest rates, while the current currency Policy from moderate to loose, to neutral and stable Senior financial analyst Tang Jianwei is judged, due to the growth of inflationary pressures and other potential </p>
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