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Dan Szymborski FanGraphs Chat 8211 9-29-

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11:58Dan Szymborski: Its party time!*11:58Dan Szymborski: * Any promises of the party to not indicate that there is a party12:00Dan Szymborski: First up though, our usual busine s. Presidents fighting for many strange reason!12:00: 12:00: 12:02Comment From XoloThe Fangraphs profile last week made it appear to be Tomas is going to be a +3ish WAR player. Does that sound right?12:03Dan Szymborski: Not running final projections until he's a team, but thats slightly optimistic I think. Id put him more within the 2s somewhere, good but not great12:03Dan Szymborski: I believe that after Abreu and the big dough for Castillo, well actually see Tomas get too much money.12:03Comment From GHow badly did the Pirates screw the proverbial pooch by pitching Liriano and Cole this weekend?12:04Dan Szymborski: Im not really a fan of their usage. Volquez has been much better than they had any to expect, but hes not who I would want within an elimination game.12:04Comment From NorthsiderParty time! You are the spuds mackenzie of fangraphs12:04Dan Szymborski: BUT SPUDS IS DEAD12:04Comment From Hrkac CircusI never thought I would see the day when a debate was had over whether Volquez or Liriano was the greater dependable pitcher.12:05Dan Szymborski: Ten years ago, would you have expected Jose Bautista to become among the most feared sluggers in baseball? Baseball could be weird12:05Comment From IanDo you believe if run scoring remains low for another season or two, that MLB will attempt to behave to improve it?12:05Dan Szymborski: Its po sible.12:05Comment From sempertyWith the Cardinals playing the Dodgers, is there anyway theyre not the villains of this postseason?12:05Dan Szymborski: Wait, the Dodgers or even the Cardinals?12:06Comment From Pirates HurdlesWhy does Philly have a lot more team pitching WAR than Pittsburgh? Their FIP is largely the same (xFIP is worse) and K/BB rates match?12:06Dan Szymborski: FIP and xFIP are not park-adjusted.12:06Comment From Guestcan you allow me some of your cool/weird drawings. I usually think they're fantastic12:07: 12:07: Amaro Fires Manuel
12:07Comment From nealZOMG PREDICT THE PLAYOFFZ12:07Dan Szymborski: My specific predictions will be up on ESPN.12:07Comment From Art VandelayMillard Fillmore fighting like E. Honda is an amazing mental image, which Grandpa Baldwin thing is just right. Teddy Roosevelt though12:08Comment From AndrewDan the Man! Has Prince Fielders fantasy value flatlined? Limited OBP keeper I'd be better off keeping someone like Kris Bryant, no?12:08Dan Szymborski: I wouldn't keep Fielder. I thought he was way overrated in the preseason fantasy rankings last year.12:08Comment From sempertyGimme Teddy. The dude fought (and won) in Cuba, and advocated carrying a large stick around thats a dangerous combo.12:08Comment From SandyWho the f*** is voting for Fillmore?!12:08Dan Szymborski: Bitter Taft voters.12:08Comment From NatsFan89Which potential World Series match-up would you find the most compelling? Minimal?12:08Dan Szymborski: Baltimore vs. Washington.12:08Dan Szymborski: Least exciting? Maybe Royals vs. Giants.12:09Comment From Pirates HurdlesIf handling the Buccos, would you go with EV or perform the bullpen game?12:09Dan Szymborski: Well, with Cole and Liriano unavailable, Id probably unhappily accept using Volquez. But Id po se s a quick hook.12:09Comment From JimDo you realize if Fangraphs is considering switching to Sierra as its grounds for WAR (for pitchers) or are they staying with FIP?12:09Dan Szymborski: You gotta bug one of the Daves.12:09Comment From NickCan you remind me what ZiPS thought of Jose Abreu before the season started and what you personally looked as well12:10Dan Szymborski: ZiPS thought Abreu could be great, but not *this* good.12:10Dan Szymborski: I was within the same neighborhood.12:10Comment From Dan SzymborskiHow much surplus value is Trout likely to produce over his contract?12:10Dan Szymborski: Offhand exactly 5.8 shitloads.12:10Comment From BrianThe _______ will win the AL Wildcard in _______ fashion, prevailing with a score of _______ to ________.12:12Dan Szymborski: fartnuggets, craptacular, dingleberry-to-boneriffic.12:12Comment From JoeThe Cardinals are villainous correctly.12:12Comment From PennsyIf the x axis of a graph is WAR and also the y axis is ATTRACTIVENESS TO POTENTIAL SEXUAL PARTNER can there be anybody else in the upper right quadrant with Anthony Rendon?12:12Dan Szymborski: I dont know, I dont think much about MLB player attractivene s.12:13Comment From GuestI think the controversy for that Pirates isnt Volquez Michael Bennett Jersey vs Liriano, its Volquez vs Cole.12:13Dan Szymborski: That ones barely a debate.12:14Comment From JimThe Cardinals will never be the villainshow can anyone hate their team as well as their succe s.12:14Dan Szymborski: Royals fans still remember Denkinger call. Well those old enough.12:14Comment From ConnorIf the As get through the WC game, I must feel better about their chances. How much stock do you put into their recent slump when compared with their overall season numbers (best run differential in MLB)? And isnt their pitching (SPs and bullpen) as good as any in the postseason?12:15Dan Szymborski: Theres hardly any evidence that late season performing teams fare better in playoffs than early season performing teams. More a cause of stre s and worry for fans than anythign real. If the As survive, I actually do similar to their odds.12:15Comment From BruceIs Billey Beane job the safest in Baseball?12:15Dan Szymborski: Yes, hes a part-owner after all.12:15Comment From sempertyIs there anyway the Cardinals arent the villains?12:15Dan Szymborski: Well, the Dodgers spent a quarter-billion on payroll this season.12:15Comment From BruceWhy is that this chat titled: Dan Szymborski Chat by Dave Cameron. Who Are You!!??12:16Dan Szymborski: The chat is as simple as Dan Szymborski. The post linking to Dan Szymborski chat is by David Cameron.12:16Dan Szymborski: The post announcing the chat isn't the chat.12:16Comment From Art VandelaySo the very best defensive team in baseball this season is once again the Royals? Quelle surprise. Think a complete year of Machado might have put the Os outrageous?12:17Dan Szymborski: 10 more runs? I think a proper Machado couldve done that. But I think it could be close a suming Machado would be a +30 3B going forward would be too aggre sive.12:17Comment From DudeWho has got the best playoff rotation within the AL and NL?12:17Dan Szymborski: Nats, Tigers12:17Comment From tony j.do you see the dodgers as a legitimate contender despite poor defense and bullpen?12:18Dan Szymborski: Yes, any team within the playoffs is a legitimate contender, especially one that doesnt have a 1-game wild card12:18Comment From Je seDo the thing is Oakland pitching Samardzija-Gray-Lester on three days rest if they reach the ALDS? If not, who'd you to s in game 4?12:18Dan Szymborski: It depends upon where they stand in the playoffs.12:19Dan Szymborski: Different choices up 2-0 than say down 1-2.12:19Comment From JimDodgers is going full heel right?12:19Dan Szymborski: It worked for Ted DiBiase12:19Comment From Matt WilliamsWhat will i use Ryan Zimmerman?12:20Dan Szymborski: If hes feeling up to it, I believe his bat at 3B may be worth the declining D12:20Comment From VinceIf Im attempting to gue s a hitters 2015 ZiPS OPS+, would the last 2014 ROS ZiPS number (having a smidge of aging) be as good a location as any to start?12:20Dan Szymborski: It wouldnt be terrible, however a lot more goes into it .12:20Comment From AlexDo you believe the Red Sox stick to what theyve got at 3rd or sign a FA? I had been specifically thinking of Headley, but it might be anyone.12:20Dan Szymborski: I believe they stand pat.12:21Comment From nealhas jon lesters season changed what his contract valuation would be, when compared with what it really was pre-season?12:21Dan Szymborski: ZiPS really liked him approaching into the season I think he gets over 150 now.12:21Comment From AlexKluber or King Felix, who you got for that Cy Young?12:21Dan Szymborski: Felix.12:21Comment From Concerned Angels fanI know news continues to be good, but if Shoemaker cant go, that means 3-man rotation of Weaver-Wilson-SantiagoAnd if you want a baseball is crazy: they with the best record in baseball relies upon the health of Matt Shoemaker in the playoffs12:22Dan Szymborski: Yeah, who wouldve thought it? Even with Shoemaker, the Angels get one from the weaker rotations. They gotta win slugfests.12:22Comment From AndrewYLucas Duda is one of three NL players hitting 30 home runs. Is he an effective first basemen for that new couple years, or if the Mets be looking for a free agent?12:23Dan Szymborski: Even when he wasnt, I dont think the Mets are yet in a position that they ought to be adding many free agents .12:23Comment From JoeSince no one would ever predict a teams record in almost any Thirty game stretch during the season, why would we think anyone can get it done correctly for that playoffs?12:23Comment From JoeThose accountable for the chat posting announcing the chat are just sacked. We is going to do the chat in a completely different style, at the last second, at great expense.12:23Comment From GuestRoyals fans still remember Denkinger call. That decision benefitted the Royals12:23Dan Szymborski: Longer post got garbled.12:23Dan Szymborski: Thats what I have for editing my comment on the fly.12:23Comment From TG3Who may be the league rooting for on the planet Series? Angels/Dodgers? Tigers/Cardinals again?12:24Dan Szymborski: probably Dodgers or Cards versus Tigers.12:24Dan Szymborski: Though Dodgers vs. Angels has its own charms12:25Comment From BrandonCameron has got the Tigers as very heavy favorites. Are Verlanders projections primarily boosting their World Series odds? Isnt it foolish to a sume that hes still just like he was 24 months ago?12:25Dan Szymborski: ZiPS doesnt think hes as good but still likes their chances.12:25Comment From Mooking for LoveThe po sibility of a Kershaw/Waino game 5 makes my balls tickle.12:25Comment From AlexHow long will it take to do 2015 ZIPS?12:25Dan Szymborski: Well, just from the calculation standpoint, Thirty seconds a player makes it 16-18 hours of PC time.12:26Dan Szymborski: But theres lots of prep (minor league translations, which nece sitate minor league park factors, other various calculations to get going)12:26Comment From Dan2015 Julio Urias zips, you know you would like to12:26Dan Szymborski: He'll acquire one.12:26Comment From PennsyHow on Earth are you able to put Ryan Zimmerman at 3B when Anthony Rendon plays there and has shown among the best arms at the hot corner within the league? Zimmerman should start at 1B within the playoffs if he starts whatsoever, LaRoche has been a decidedly average player all year.12:27Dan Szymborski: Id ideally sit LaRoche against lefties and set Zimmerman there, but because of the choice (and Zimmermans now against playing anything but 3rd in playoffs), Id rather him at 3rd and Rendon at 2nd than Zim on the bench.12:27Comment From Jordan Zimmermanthe Nats have me for an additional pair year at $12 million, Do I top 5/$100 million in the FA market?12:27Dan Szymborski: Yes12:27Comment From Dando you believe Shane Greene could be a middle of rotation time with continued refinement? His advanced numbers were way better in MLB than ever before within the minors.12:27Dan Szymborski: Middle-of-rotation type seems reasonable.12:27Comment From StephenIs there data that implies player play better within their last contract year? VMart, Lester, Cruz, etc all played very well.12:27Dan Szymborski: I have not found such. Players don't outperform their ZiPS in contract years.12: Chris Clemons Jersey 28Comment From MikeEarlier within the season I asked if you would favour a healthy Michael Pineda or Zack Wheeler and also you said Wheeler. Has your mind changed?12:28Dan Szymborski: I think so, but not with a huge amount. But Id still rather have Wheeler overall.12:28Comment From nealarent people saying the As might make a run ignoring that their under-performance might be due more to injuries than randomne s? I dont think its ridiculous to say they are not just like their run differential and they may be significantly worse now in time than they were during the season12:29Dan Szymborski: The noise eats the signal.12:29Comment From Beane is GodBilly Beane got a large amount of flack for trading Ru sell, McKinney, and Cespedes for two short-term, win-now SPs. But isnt it reliable advice since the above trades literally saved the As season? They limped in to the playoffs by a game or two and might have undoubtedly were built with a much worse record without Lester and Samardzija down the stretch. This seems like another cla sic case of Beane being so ahead of the game that his greatne s is under-appreciated. Where are the articles about how Beane succe sfully diagnosed and treated his clubs future problem at a time when everyone appeared to think that nothing may go wrong with the first-place As?12:30Dan Szymborski: Yes, with Yoenis Cespedes on the team instead of Jon Lester, the As are watching the Mariners play tomorrow.12:30Dan Szymborski: OMG CESPEDES TRADE RUINED TEH Months are lazy analysis.12:31Comment From MikeWhy does WAR like Josh Donaldson so much?12:32Dan Szymborski: Thats an easy one a 129 wRC+ and 15 runs above average defensively at 3rd.12:32Comment From MikeDid Felix lock on the CY yesterday?12:32Dan Szymborski: I believe he already had it, but it wont hurt.12:32Comment From Mike, of Mike and the Mechanics FameI cant ever see Munenori Kawasaki without considering those bizarre 80s commercials for Kawasaki One Man Jams!! (Or maybe it was One Man Band?) Regardle s, I think its fitting, given his personality.12:32Dan Szymborski: It was definitely One-Man Jams.12:32Dan Szymborski: Ill find the commercial within the next efw questions.12:32Comment From MikeCueto or Waino whos better?12:32Dan Szymborski: Wainwright12:32Comment From MikeWould Sales #s rival Kershaws if he was at the NL?12:33Dan Szymborski: His 2014 would without a doubt. Kershaw still projected better.12:33Comment From Bureau of Engraving and PrintingShould the penny be eliminated from circulation?12:33Dan Szymborski: Yes12:33Comment In the Oriole BirdI know theres more towards the postseason than starting pitching, but its hard not to take a look at Scherzer/Price/Verlander(?) and become a minimum of somewhat intimidated. Right?12:33Dan Szymborski: Laurent Robinson Jersey Correct. You should be concerned about facing the Tigers pitching.12:33Comment From GuestAre the Cubs a real couple of free agent pitchers from competing, or am I a hundred gallons of liquor lacking being ready to watch them next year?12:34Dan Szymborski: I dont think its an alcohol problem, though you could have an unrelated alcohol problem. The Cubs may be relevant next year12:34Comment From MikeOver/Under 3 10th place MVP votes for Derek Jeter12:34Dan Szymborski: Under12:34Dan Szymborski: I think thats too crazy for the worst MVP voters. If the Yankees had made the playoffs, he might obtain a couple12:34Dan Szymborski: https://www.youtube.com/wat12:34Dan Szymborski: Thats the commercial for that Kawasaki One-Man Jam12:35Comment From Natitude AdjusterI realize even thinking about this is silly, but tend to Billy Beanes job really be at risk if they lose this play-in game?12:35Dan Szymborski: No.12:35Comment From MikeHow much faith have you got in Tanaka going into next year?12:35Dan Szymborski: Faith in abilities, much. Injury, le s. Hopefully they have a solid eye on his arm in the offseason12:36Comment From LockeDo you expect a bounceback in 2015 for Koji Uehara?12:36Dan Szymborski: Bounceback? Youre greedy if you think anybodys single.50 ERA pitching going forward.12:36Comment From You Cannot Fight in Here, This Is the WAR RoomIs it slightly annoying to listen to people call the Baltimore/Washington potential matchup the Beltway Series? Like people realize that there is not *one* beltway which goes around both cities, right?12:37Dan Szymborski: Well, they both *have* beltways.12:37Dan Szymborski: Ive been calling it the Parkway World Series, but most people arent familiar with the BW Parkway.12:38Comment From 1990JaromirJagri was shocked to determine espn has the cy young rankings for that AL at kluber 1, Scherzer 2, felix 3. those are out of order right? felix isnt behind scherzer12:38Dan Szymborski: The Cy Young predictor is a statistical predictor.12:38Dan Szymborski: Given that I helped the people get the formula implemented correctly, Im pretty sure that its correct.12:38Comment From Darth StoutThe Cubs would forfeit the 45th overall DP to sign Scherzer. Sign Max, sign Lester, 2015 playoffs?12:39Dan Szymborski: With Scherzer *and* Lester, they would be extremely interesting12:39Comment From PennsyIs acce s to playoffs enough parity for small-market teams, or do we have to wait and see if your team having a lower payroll actually wins the WS? Royals, As, Pirates et al have made it but will that be moot if one of the LA teams just winds up taking home the trophy, like a high-payroll team nearly always has since the 90s?12:39Dan Szymborski: Well, the thing is that there should be an excellent correlation or players arent paid inside a manner commensurate with contributions.12:39Dan Szymborski: But youre mixing up small markets and small payroll.12:40Dan Szymborski: For how long would be the Cardinals a large market team? They leverage their small market perfectly however that doenst make them big market, regardle s of their payroll12:41Comment From DanWhy did Zips mi s badly on Kiermaiers defense, particularly when it had been pretty on about Inciarte12:41Dan Szymborski: Youre going to po se s mi ses defensive numbers are extremely volatile.12:42Comment From sempertyDo the Reds move a SP this offseason, or are they prepared to lose someone to free agency in a win-now mode?12:42Dan Szymborski: The Reds are going to do next-to-nothing.12:42Dan Szymborski: Theyre going to tread water and hope 2015 is better.12:43Comment From Danwould it happen to be bad for the Dodgers to po se s given Urias a September callup for a few meaningle s one inning stints to find out if he could be a potential K-Rod exception/pen depth type.12:44Dan Szymborski: That would be pretty aggre sive, he just turned 18 a month ago in the end. K-Rod was a couple of years older coupled with been dominating within the high minors.12:45Dan Szymborski: And don't forget, they'd have experienced to have already added him towards the playoff roster.12:45Dan Szymborski: err 40-man roster.12:45Dan Szymborski: for the playoffs.12:45Comment From Franks as well as BeansBut the entire post announcing the chat is just the chat window.12:45Dan Szymborski: and David wrote that post.12:45Comment From MikeWhat 1st round series are you most looking forward to?12:45Dan Szymborski: Baltimore vs. Detroit.12:46Comment From dbetI po se s a Szymborski break for too longwhy does actual life always get in the way of fun?12:46Dan Szymborski: Whats a Szymborski break? Lunchtime drinking?12:46Comment From PennsyWashington-Baltimore series should obviously function as the MARC Brawl. The train goes straight to Camden Yards!12:46Dan Szymborski: You could do that too.12:46Comment From MikeEven Lester is ahead of Scherzer in the CY race.12:46Comment From Ringtone ComposerFor everyones benefit, here's Camerons summary of Lindberghs review of what doesnt matter within the playoffs: (1) Recent Performance Doesnt Matter; (2) Experience Doesnt Matter; and (3) Pitching Doesnt Win Championships. Youre welcome?12:46Comment From 1990JaromirJagrre: espn cy young predictor.Is scherzer more deserving than felix? in your opinion12:47Dan Szymborski: No, Id give it to Felix.12:47Comment From Mike FrancesaReasonable to anticipate .275 20 hrs in 130 games from ARod in 2015?12:47Dan Szymborski: No.12:47Comment From JimThe Twins are mid-market right? They cant really claim small market woes, particularly with the brand new ballpark helping their financial cause, right?12:47Dan Szymborski: By market size, theyre 17th or 18th I believe, so the middle third.12:48Comment From TobiasMoney on As or Royals?12:48Dan Szymborski: Oops. As I noted earlier, my official predictions will be at EPSN.12:48Comment From PennsyConsider for a moment how MLB has relied upon player development academies in Latin American countries over the last few decades to create a few of the games most recognizable stars, while at the same time Latino immigration into the Usa is constantly on the alter the US cultural fabric for that better. Roberto Clemente what food was in the forefront of both, talking about anti-Latino immigration while pioneering the idea of the Ciudad Deportivo. Shouldnt MLB honor his legacy by retiring 21 over the league?12:49Dan Szymborski: Most likely not an awful idea, but MLB generally refrains from retiring numbers acro s baseball.12:49Comment From PennsySt. Louis isnt a sizable market but theyre not even close to a little payroll team, either. They generally have a payroll in the top 1 / 2 of the league while teams like the As and Pirates try to win with payrolls toward the very bottom. No team has won a WS with a payroll outside the top half of the league, apart from the Marlins, in decades.12:49Dan Szymborski: But payroll is a choice, whereas market size is not.12:49Comment From JimAny idea exactly what the Boston GM be announcing at todays pre s conference?12:49Dan Szymborski: I actually dont.12:49Comment From bobis jake arrieta an ace moving forward?12:49Dan Szymborski: Too aggre sive, I think.12:50Comment From 1990JaromirJagrin Enos article concerning the players and who they voted for, i found Doolittles comments interesting about Trout and his butterfly impact on the lineup around him. Kinda cool to listen to a pitcher admit that.12:50Comment From re BeltwaysIve seen many people refer to it as the Beltways Series. That at least acknowledges there are multiple beltways involved. But then it just sounds dumb. And BTW, its probably faster they are driving from DC>NY than it is to drive from DC>Baltimore.12:51Dan Tashaun Gipson Jersey Szymborski: Wait, what? I know thats a tale, however, you reach Baltimore the same way you're able to NY you can either use I-95 for both (and BW parkway isnt saving you time)12:52Comment From FronkWhy do the Cardinals obtain a bonus pick?12:52Dan Szymborski: Simply because they got one in the small market/small revenue lottery.12:52Comment From JBDI remember that you recently said you disliked the word randomne s as an explainer. Do you mean that because people misinterpret it as stuff we dont understandor because you really dont think it is correct?12:52Dan Szymborski: Did I only say I disliked the term randomne s? I usually say I dislike the term luck.12:52Comment From 1990JaromirJagr@Jim where have you heard concerning the red sox pre ser?12:53Comment From BenJ. Zimmerman, Over or under 7/175 as a free agent?12:53Dan Szymborski: Under12:53Comment From sempertyReports are that Gardy isnt likely to remain in Minnesota for long. Any chance I ought to get my hopes up the Royals dump Yost to obtain Ron?12:53Dan Szymborski: Dont think Gardenhire is *that* exciting, though Id rather just about anyone to Yost.12:53Comment From STiVoI cant believe the Yankees 're going into 2015 with ARod likely around the roster. This is insane, right? Like, hes likely to: (1) be bad at baseball; and (2) result in a media-fueled circus? Itd be something if he were likely to be awesome.12:54Dan Szymborski: For non-Yankees fans, its likely to be very amusing to watch.12:55Comment From Re: Beltway SeriesWhile technically incorrect, the fact is that I-95 is part of both cities beltways, and theres only about 20 mins separating the two.12:55Dan Szymborski: Youre getting from 495 to 695 in 20 minutes? How?12:55Comment From dbetSzymborski Break(n) Through an long time with no interaction with Dan or otherwise reading any of his writing. See also, being sad.12:56Comment From re BeltwaysWait I meant fly to NY from DC Not drive. Duh.12:56Comment From nealWhos going to be the biggest 2015 free agent landmine?12:56Dan Szymborski: Nelson Cruz.12:56Comment From Mookie BettsWhen is the trade deadline lifted? Can I get traded towards the Orioles, please?12:57Dan Szymborski: Im not positive around the technical date. I *think* its after the final bet on the WS, when the last seasonal waiver period ends, but Im not positive.12:57Comment From PennsyHow getting from 495 to 695 in twenty miniutes? Diplomatic plates.12:58Comment From AndrewYGiven the two other players to consider extended vacations from baseball had terrible, terrible years, is there any chance the Yanks rethink their ARod plans between now and spring training?12:58Dan Szymborski: No, I think theyre all-in with him.12:58Comment From JimRoyals fansyou may take Gardy even though you keep Yostplease do, in fact.12:58Comment From Jimjust answering another persons question: General manager Ben Cherington was likely to addre s the status of the coaching staff as he met with reporters later Monday.12:58Comment From VinceI think were reaching pretty hard for a style. I-75 experiences both Detroit and Atlanta. Big Friggin Deal.12:59Comment From JBDI was talking about this statement re randomne s. Dan Szymborski: I hate to make use of the term random, but its something that at the MLB level *acts*as if it was random. Upon re-reading, I recognize youre not saying you dont like randomne s being an explainer.12:59Dan Szymborski: I personally don't like luck more (for the similar reason). A lot of things that appear random arent *really* random or perhaps pseudo-random.1:01Dan Szymborski: Like coin flips. Coin flips arent random. The outcome is based on definable physical factors, its exactly that our eyes and brains cant calculate those found on the fly, so it *acts* as random in the context of an individual observer. But you are able to fairly easily create a machine that flips a coin heads each time.1:01Comment From JBDThe point about randomne s thats lost on most people is that a lot of things that *dont* look random incorporate a substantial heaping of randomne s.1:01Comment From kriswhy do people care so much about such inane things. arguing over beltways?1:01Dan Szymborski: Because we like themes.1:01Dan Szymborski: And storylines.1:03Dan Szymborski: Its more fun for Bobby Thomsons homer to have been the Shot Heard Worldwide rather than The Homer That Caused the Giants to Advance to the 1951 World Series.1:03Comment From Guestwho is the least favorite espn employee?1:03Dan Szymborski: Dan Szymborski. Real dumba s.1:03Comment From sempertyWhere does the I-70 series rank on your listing of WS preferences?1:03Dan Szymborski: Eh, I-70 goes quite a distance.1:04Comment From sempertyI gue s I-70 might be a Baltimore/St. Louis seriesI hadnt even thought about that.1:05Dan Szymborski: I-70 ends right at Baltimore, too.1:05Dan Szymborski: I drive between Baltimore and western Ohio on I-70 quite frequently1:05Dan Szymborski: (though I prefer using the I-68/I-79 route in the middle)1:05Comment From RE: PresidentsDo you think Teddy will coast through to the finals on reputation alone? Gerald Ford was an All-American Center for Michigan, when they won the National Championship!1:06Dan Szymborski: Teddy vs. Jackson is my expected matchup1:06Comment From Art VandelayThe Bay Bridge Series is a nice cool name though. As is Battle from the Bay1:06Comment From Natitude AdjusterTeams on or about I-95 by my count: NYY, NYM, BAL, WAS, BOS, MIA, PHI,1:07Comment From GuestI-70 series will be a rematch of 1985.1:07Comment From Hrkac CircusIts not Gardy Twins fans ought to be most worried about. I believe its still Rick Anderson. He is what he's, and thats a pitching coach with a style stuck within the 90s. Strikeouts are incredibly important now.1:07Comment From krisI like storylines too. i was talking about people getting mad over the proven fact that there may or may not be a beltway present in baltimore1:07: 1:07Dan Szymborski: With that, time for you to leave for another week!1:07Comment From Natitude Adjusterkris, there is definitely a beltway in Baltimore. It is not, however, distributed to DCs beltway.1:07Comment From JonoThe Baldwin call on Fillmore is tremendous. Did he win a dent round fight? the other president may have lost to him?1:08Dan Szymborski: It was Fillmores opening round.1:08Dan Szymborski: He wasnt area of the play-in bracket.1:08Dan Szymborski: Im gue sing the outcome was not an unexpected.

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