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Squad Up!

Posted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 3:22 pm
by GameSquadOffic
Hello YouTube Community, I am the Community Manager (glorified PR guy) for the Game Squad, theJACKHAMER13! But you can just call me Michael.

Game Squad is a group of 4 friends who play video games for the internet. Sometimes, we get into other shenanigans, though, so the channel is not just a straight forward gaming channel! Recently, we've played Army of Two, Sakura Spirit, and Portal 2, to just name a few of the diverse collection we've already amassed. On top of that, we made a mockumentary and threw our hat in the ring of hairstylist videos by shaving my head! Though we have humble beginnings in terms of recording materials, we make the best out of them and just try to have an all-around fun time! So feel free to stop on by the channel, drop a like, comment on improvements we can make, areas we do well, and subscribe if you really enjoy yourself! It is my duty to see to it that your opinions are not only heard and respected, but actively sought after to help us get better and improve our community, so don't be afraid to message me here, there or on our Twitter, GameSquadTweets, whenever you want. And, of course, I will be sure to repay the favor personally of checking out your channel and giving my two cents on behalf of all of us here at Game Squad. Thank you, and have a lovely day!