Retro and new - the gaming channel

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Retro and new - the gaming channel

Postby Kinteq Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:22 pm

Hi, I'm Kinteq. I've been making videos since 2013 and doing YouTube since 2014.
Besides my 2 more likely music channels, I always wanted to have a nice gaming channel. Unfortunately, I don't have a very good gear and so far I've tried 2 times - it was somehow going, but not positively. Right now, for some reason my newest channel with 2 videos doesn't even show up anywhere and I have no views! :evil: 5 years ago YouTube was easier and wasn't broken... :cry:
I record new and older games, mostly these which can be handled by my crappy PC.
So far I'm making the series:
- Sonic Mania - every Monday
- Crysis - every Wednesday
- Assassin's Creed - every Friday
- other games (soon)
- PC gadgets - unboxing, test, review (soon)
- update videos (soon)
I would be more than thankful, if you check out my channel. I'm also open to all opinions about my channel and some tips.

Here's my channel:
I sometimes stream on Twitch too!:

Thank you and goodbye :D

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