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New Gaming Channel

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 8:29 pm
by DylanAndJanGaming
My cousin and I recently started a gaming channel on YouTube :D
So far we've made videos on Driver San Francisco, Hitman, and Fortnite (I personally don't like Fortnite, but that's all my cousin's been playing lately). We're definitely going to play more games in the future, so stay tuned! Come by and check us out! Here's the link:

It wouldn't kill you to click it. Unless your mouse is rigged to explode. But that's highly unlikely. But if you're too lazy at least just check out this video:

Thanks in advance! Your support is greatly appreciated! And of course, if you're interested, you could, y'know, subscribe to our channel. But most importantly, do enjoy our videos!

~ Dylan from DylanAndJanGaming