How long does one Botox injection last?

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How long does one Botox injection last?

Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:31 am

Botox is something that is used for more than reason; it is not just meant for cosmetic and or personal uses, it is also designed to be used for a long list of medical issues in which it helps with. There are different kinds of Botox shots and depending on the area where the injections are going into you will need more or less than in comparison to other areas. Believe it or not but Botox injections are able to provide the desired results for a long amount of time. In fact one injection of Botox can last anywhere from four months to six months. As more and more time goes on you will slowly begin to feel your muscle action to come back. You will also start to see the wrinkles reappearing just like any lines that you had before; when this happens it means that it is time for you to go for another Botox treatment. However, over time with more Botox injections the lines and wrinkles that you have will become less and less noticeable as they return because the muscles are becoming so used to being more relaxed.

There are not a lot of side effects to Botox injections but there are some; the most common side effect is bruising. Another common side effect are headaches, you should experience these within the first twenty four to forty eight hours after the initial injection. Most patients will experience these two side effects. A smaller amount of patients will go through a little bit of eyelid drooping which lasts up to three whole weeks can long. The drooping like this only happens when the Botox itself starts to move around under the skin; this is exactly why the injected areas should not be rubbed for at least twelve hours after the injection and why you should not lie down for at least three to four hours after the injection.

If you have never had a Botox injection before it is best to do some research beforehand and be sure you go to a professional who knows what they are doing and has never had an issue before. Some of the best Botox doctors are located within the San Fernando Valley; this is for both medical injections and personal injections. The best Laser Hair Removal doctors are also located in the San Fernando Valley. These professionals are highly trained, extremely experienced, and very knowledgeable and have a vastly positive record. They do take insurance but keep in mind that the majority of insurance companies will not cover any Botox injections that are being done for cosmetic reasons; they will normally only cover ones that are being done for medical issues. Just to be on the safe side it is highly recommended to check with your insurance company first before setting up an appointment and going through with the procedure without knowing if you’re going to have a big bill at the other end or not.

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