Help! We need feedback for our review videos.

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Help! We need feedback for our review videos.

Postby DaisyDoge Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:53 am

Hi and thank you if you're already reading this post. So basically we're a small Youtube channel called Mobirum, short for Mobile Forum, that provides gaming contents to every kind of audience. It's already been half a year or more since we started creating random videos like gameplays, news, reviews, spoof, etc. But it's really rare when people comments a feedback for us so here I am asking feedback from my fellow Youtubers. Every Critism will help our channel to improve and thank you in advance for all that would help us. :)

So this a review for The Clash: Heroes Will, a Medieval Fantasy city building game from Tritone.

And this is a review for Royal League, a MOBA from ODDEYE studio.

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