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EscapeTrends is a brand new network that is growing for every second counting! We are focusing on publishing unique content for the viewers and do something no one have ever done before.

Our goal is to create a network that will take over the market, and be known across all lands. EscapeTrends is established by Andrè Iversen & Marcus Berven! Two entrepreneur that wants to make a living out of this, and have a long experience with projects, companies etc..

We wants to deliver content on all social platforms, and take over the market, by doing some so unique that people must watch!

We have been planning Escapetrends for quite a while, and already after publishing 2 videos, we have sponsors (car dealership), clothing brands etc.. Also we ended up on 250 subscribers just after 2 days, and also over 1000 views on two videos in 2 days! We are working hard to get started, and we take our time so that we can deliver good content!
We have had the perfect start and wants to go viral already with a big plan!

Our future plans is huge!
We want to take EscapeTrends to the next level by establishing “TeamEscape”. TeamEscape is a collective with many genius people that have the same intentions that we have, and wants to deliver good content!
A team that always have each others back, and helps each others out by doing videos, to marketing etc etc..

We want to have 1-3 youtubers per country in TeamEscape.

By starting a brand new youtube for each country that joins us!
Escape(Your Country) as the name on youtube!

Together we will grow, and be one of the hugest teams in the history!
If we get 1-3 youtubers per country, and there are over 100++ countries in the world, we can take over the whole thing, and reach success by the highest level! It may seem simple, but hard work reach to success and we will guide you, and teach you how to start the youtube and everything!
Everything for free!

The big question is how we are going to do this?
We are picking out selected people that wants to join us, and have good experience with filming, editing and deliver good content!
We are working harder than ever for this, and have a lot of plans to how this is gonna succeed!

Being in TeamEscape gives you a lot of things!

You will have a whole team behind your back, from different countries all around the world! You will have the chance to experience the world, and travel from country to country and meet your team!

Imagine that you will have connections from all around the world?

How sick is that??

We don’t expect a lot of you are in TeamEscape, we are the most chilled out “bosses” you will ever have! We expect you to deliver good content, work hard and be a team player!

If you are a good team player, and works hard it have its perks to it!
When escapetrends is up and running, and it is going success, we are going to build a main house to TeamEscape! Where people from TeamEscape can come, and chill-out with the Team, and just enjoy life!
We have plans in Spain, by building the house there!

The thing is, if you join TeamEscape, we will have 1 person that is in charge for TeamEscape in your country. Out of 1-3 persons, it depends on how many we will have. But we will have 1 boss in their country, that does everything TeamEscape have business with there! We will explain more if we pick you, and in the training session!

“What are the salary?”
The salary is un-kown, because it depends!
If you work hard, and we make many deals in your country, the slary can be huge! The thing we live by, and get money by, is marketing!
Marketing projects, companies, people etc..
So in the beginning its not so much salary, until you have created a name in your country with Escape! Then we will help you and everything with business so that you can earn something out of this, and maybe live by doing something you love! Which is making videos, and experience a lot!
The harder you work, the more money you will earn!

We will tell you more about it, if we pick you!

Apply today to:

EscapeTrends is the main base of everything.
EscapeTrends is where it all started, and the network is created from.
We created Escapetrends to do something unique, and EscapeTrends will always have your back if you are in TeamEscape! We are a family, and families stays togheter!

We are also going to create merch and apparell to EscapeTrends & TeamEscape!
All the family members in TeamEscape will recieve for free, and will we able to sell to your country from your website!

We will help you create you website and get everything in place, when you are going to begin in TeamEscape!

Escape Your Life, And Start A New Trend!

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