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Discord Community for Collabs & More!

Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:35 pm
by JakesFate
Hey guys,

I created a discord for a you tube gaming community & collabs
First of all I didn't want it only to be only collabs I wanted it to be a fun community you could find people to collab with.

Maybe you are starting up a channel or want to share your latest video?
I can understand sometimes it is hard to promote your videos or get help on your videos.
So I created a promotion channel along with a suggestions channel to either promote or get some help!

Not just for Youtubers & Gamers!
Discrimination is wrong !
That is why I also encourage twitch streamers to join and share there streams because who ever thought that collabs across platforms were a bad thing... EXPAND YOUR INFLUENCE!

There is also a place for graphic designers! Why?
They can find work easier or maybe just show off there cool new art piece. Maybe they want to help a you tuber or promote there design channel.

Whats stopping you from joining?