Voice acting work for a Batman animation.

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Voice acting work for a Batman animation.

Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:45 pm

Voice acting work for a Batman animation!

To introduce myself shortly Im a 18 year old animation student in Europe.
And besides loving animation, I also really love batman and superhero stuff in general.
So I thought why not make a fan animation for Batman, it's vaction here so I have al the time for it.

And that brings me here I have written the script for the short animation, and I have also already made
a animatic. (for those that don't know what a animatic is it's basically the story sketched and timed so you
can get a rough idea of the end product. If you still don't now what it is you can read this:
https://www.bloopanimation.com/animatic/ )
So I have that and now the last step for that I can animate is that the lines for the characters are recorded.
I actually tried recording the line's myself but it just did not sounded right.

Now a bit about the animation and the characters.
the style/humor of the animation are more like the old Lego stop motion videos from Forrestfire 101(on youtube)
with even a reference to one of his old videos in the plot of my video. I really want to make a more funny gotham
city also kinda like the old batman show with Adam west but not as goofy as that show.
(Maybe I will even make more episodes there not that long so I think I could manage it next to school in the future.
so keep in mind that can be a possibility.)

The roles I searching voice actors for now are:
there no age restriction for any roll I'm happy with what I can get but this is kinda a idea how i would like to make
the characters sound.
Batman with a normal voice and batvoice (you that have one)
Robin with a kid like voice not to high pitch (not to young)
Joker Joker voice with a crazy laugh
Gordon serious voice
Police oficer just a guy saying on line to Gordon
and the amount of lines everyone has.
Batman 17
Robin 8
Joker 3
Gordon 2
Police oficer 1

What I can give you in return:
I can't pay anyone I my shelf will not even make money from this, but what I can do is credit you in the outro of
the video with any social media and credit you in the description.

So If your intrested
comment below with:
which role / rolls our interested in an I will send you the lines so you can record them.

You won't need the highest quality mic (if you have only better) but just record it in quiet space.
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Re: Voice acting work for a Batman animation.

Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:29 pm

Hey, I can do a pretty legit batman voice (more the voice from the dark knight trilogy than Will Arnet ) and ive got a pretty decent condenser microphone I can record with. If you're interested, contact me on Discord @joe13r#0036 because I hardly check back on this website.

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