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Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:15 pm
by FraggerPlayz
This is a server with about 10 plugins like essentials, chestshop, and about 8-10 more. We will build bases try to get the best gear and do some pvp tournaments after everyone kinda gets settled in a little bit.
No Griefing - This rule is pretty much self-explanatory. Pranks that do not involve uncontrolled fire, lava, explosives, and anything generally destructive are alright, however.
No Bullying - There's a thin line between joking with someone and bullying them. Jokes are wonderful, but sometimes they can be taken too far.
No Hacking - Clients that provide any unfair advantage over other players are not allowed.
No Stealing - This community is being built on trust, so we expect players to not steal from one another.
Keep the World Looking Nice - If a creeper blows up; properly fill the hole. Do not leave floating treetops, pillars, etc.
Heres the application.
Minecraft Username-
Discord? -
Skype? -
Youtube channel -
How much can you play?-
What can you bring to the server?
Willingness to work with others?