Looking for a movie for 17 years !

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Looking for a movie for 17 years !

Postby alanwaston Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:57 am

the only details i remember (i first saw this movie when i was 11 on late night TV):

- may be a foreign language film
- has "blue" in the title
- is roughly, about a relationship between two people who are screw ups, i can't remember how, but they are similarly messed up people, and it lends to the viewer caring about their trials/tribulations etc....
- the female lead nearing the end of the film has a miscarriage in the food court of a mall

i realize these details are spotty at best, but i can't even remember if this movie was good at this point. i get constant recommendations for "niagara, niagara" which has a similar theme, but is not the movie i am hunting for...sending out a signal flare to any cinephile who can identify this mystery for me !
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