(Collab XBOX ONE) Looking For 2 - 3 People To Create Funny and Quality Content! 14k Subs

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(Collab XBOX ONE) Looking For 2 - 3 People To Create Funny and Quality Content! 14k Subs

Sun Mar 12, 2017 6:42 pm

Hey everyone! I'm looking for around 2 - 3 people that want to play some games and make some funny content! I'm reaching out now because I realized being solo on YouTube isn't all that great. I made a small fan base and have 14,000+ subscribers. The content I uploaded before I stopped YouTube for a little I no longer want to upload anymore. I got bored of what I was doing so here I a looking to reach out to anyone that's interested because I want to change up what I've been doing and actually get somewhere with YouTube! I am partnered with Curse and I am currently working on getting a few sponsorship's! I want to connect with other people and watch our channels grow. I wanna create some great content with the help of other people being involved in the video. I'm not saying I want only one channel to upload on... I want to find 2 or 3 people with their own channels that have the skills necessary to create quality content on YouTube.

I just have a few small requirements:
1. Have your own channel (sub size doesn't matter we'll get there soon enough)
2. Be able to properly edit and render their own videos.
3. Can create own channel art, thumbnails, etc. (don't need to be a pro we can help each other with small stuff like that)
4. Knows how to be funny and have a good time while playing together!
5. Most Important: Always motivated to create content and is 100% committed to this! (I don't want anyone that is gonna bail out or feel as if they don't want to create stuff just because they don't feel like it)

The only reason I have requirements is because I want us to look good as a group of YouTubers. No one wants to see sloppy or half-done work! Obviously we won't be the best in the beginning but everything takes time and we will improve! I want our content to stand out above the rest of YouTubers trying to become big. I want people to share our stuff around and know who we are! So, if you're interested, reply down below or message me on here or any other place I provide contact info. I'm ready and fully committed to making some kick ass content!

Also I forgot to mention the most important part... I play on Xbox One. So I am looking for people that play on Xbox One for now.

Contact Info and YouTube:
Xbox gamertag: y0 Im Mike (y0 with a zero not an O)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/M1K3YWARR3N
YouTube Channel : www.youtube.com/user/M1K3YWARR3N (Can't change the URL. My channel name is y0 Im Mike)
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Re: (Collab XBOX ONE) Looking For 2 - 3 People To Create Funny and Quality Content! 14k Subs

Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:47 pm

Hey I'm a new Youtuber who is also looking for other youtubers to collab with. I have an Xbox one so I'm able to collab if you want. The thing is I only have 43 sub's. Message me with an answer.

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