Please visit my Channel @Vibrant Yeti

Vibrant Yeti
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Please visit my Channel @Vibrant Yeti

Postby Vibrant Yeti Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:37 pm

Vibrant Yeti is a channel that is developed by a little depressed emo kid that loves Chipotle and sends emails to Jerry Seinfeld, but never responds back to them. Vibrant Yeti is also a channel that involves gaming videos, skits, animation, and crazy, ludicrous series of videos. I hope [YOU] subscribe to Vibrant Yeti, watch my videos, and soothe your pet polar bear.

P.S. [Do you see that link on the top right hand corner that states out "Jerry Seinfeld"? CLICK IT!!!]

Respond to my Emails Jerry Seinfeld, please...

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