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Last Night | FNAF Fan Game | Indie Game, Survival-Horror

Postby AMXGaming Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:30 am

Pretty cool FNAF fan made game - Last Night: This is a Survival-Horror Free Roam Game where you have
to constantly move from room to room trying to fend off against the Robots chasing you down.

The Robots are reckless and try to kill any intruder they come across since they have been
abandoned for one year now.

Story: You are a Teenager named Josh, who tries to find out what or who killed your
father in this freak-show of a place. Your only hope is your father's co-worker's son
who was told how the Robots worked and he is calling you at the beginning of each night
telling you what to do and how the Robots work.

You would stop at nothing to find out what happened to your father. Thank You For Watching,
Have A Very Nice Day

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