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Imprisoned | Getting Past The Scary Cop (Indie Horror Game)

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:49 pm
by AMXGaming

Wanna Play Imprisoned?
In this Video I will show you guys how to beat Imprisoned as best as i possibly can.
Imprisoned is an indie horror game: You wake up in an isolation cell, confused, you try to make sense of why you're there. It quickly becomes apparent that despite the facility being desolate. You're anything but alone.

What could you have done to deserve this cruel and unusual punishment? Who or what is responsible? It's time to escape the clutches of this bizarre and unnerving situation, if you can.

The monster has a random patrol route, however, if it sees you, it will run to you.

If you turn your flashlight on towards the monster, it will notice, and run to you.

There are a few traps in the game set by the monster, be cautious.

Items such as notes, batteries, key card, and certain hiding objects are procedurally spawned.

There are also map hints that procedurally spawn throughout the level allowing the player to check map size.

There is a HUD, which shows stamina, flashlight power, and amount of batteries collected. Nightmare mode has no HUD except for when you collect keycard.

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