THIS SHIP IS ON FIYAAAHHHHH! // Let's Play Mass Effect 2

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THIS SHIP IS ON FIYAAAHHHHH! // Let's Play Mass Effect 2

Postby casualcoregamer Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:32 am

OH GAWD IT'S GONNA BLOW! I just wanted to scrounge up some credits to get the #7 combo at Great Wall Chinese Buffet! Now here I am, being blown up into outer space. I think I died...but I'm back, and now I'm being forced to shoot robots! How do I get into these situations? I really hope this Illusive Man has some Orange Chicken!

Helllo guys, it's The Casualcore Gamer. This is my first gameplay video of Mass Effect 2. Like I said in my introduction video, I am not the biggest fan of shooters, especially since I'm so awful at them, so playing this is just for comedy reasons, and was a request. But, if you liked this Let's Play & Slay, go ahead and comment below and tell me whether you want to see more of this game! Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe! Later, guys!

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