Hello, Im new here! :D

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Hello, Im new here! :D

Postby TopHatAsian Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:07 am

Hi everyone, i'm super exited to be part of the YouTube community page! my goal for YouTube is to become the next big youtuber and to reach my big milestone to 20,000,000 subscribers! the reason why i choose to do YouTube is that i'm not doing it for the fame and i'm not a greedy person i'm doing it to cope with my stress and my anxiety disorder that i'm dealing with since i have a difficult time taking care of myself and my body i've always wanted to travel the world to places i wanted to go to when i was a kid and to also collaborate with my favorite youtubers to be friends with them and to share my stories with them! but most importantly to spread awareness about people who have anxiety or other disorders that they are having trouble to deal with in there lives and to teach them how to be happy! like that being said i hope you all welcome me and thank you!

And Please subscribe to my channel to help me reach my ultimate goal! thank you

My latest video!
Just a regular person making his biggest dreams come to reality! :D

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