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The "Intellectual Darkweb" is TOTAL GARBAGE

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:53 am
by WarmPotato
The "Intellectual Darkweb" is absolute garbage! Alone, these people are intelligent speakers on a variety of topics - but the very act of stroking their egos and calling them intellectuals, is destined to have unintended consequences! Now everyone is talking "Philosophy" and "Consciousness" - while the accuracy of their commentary is hitting an all time low! You have Ben Shapiro starting his Sunday Special, Dave Rubin only talking in metaphors now, Sam Harris backing away from atheism in favor of psuedo intellectual jibber jabber - and I fear the worst for Peterson is still to come! Also - JOE ROGAN?!?!?! This guy is a key figure of this darkweb? The guy discredits himself verbally all the time! Outright saying "I'm a pothead so what do I know" - that's a direct quote!!! So don't attack me for saying - he IS A POTHEAD - why are people treating him like the savior of Western Civilzation!?!? And Bret Weinstein AKA Wine-Stain - an absolutely garbage human being - is also being propped up? Mr. Bernie Sanders Socialist who outright said he went to Occupy Wall Street hoping for a Faux-revolution of some sort - this old white wannabe anarchist - is your guy?!?! On what planet is any of this considered intellectual?!!? I mean I get it, 2016 election is over, the news is slowing down - but that doesn't mean you need to mythologize political commentators!!! COME ON!!!