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General Rules

Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:04 pm

Hey there TYC members,

Just want to go over some of the rules we have put in place as the last website sort of became a bit infected with Sub4Sub threads and spam.

Channel Promotion
- Promoting your channel is what we are all about, we want you to get your channel and content out there to find new viewers but please do keep it in the correct sections (General Discussion, Collaborations and User Introductions). Any channel promoting in the incorrect sections, such as in the 'Video Promotion' section, will result in the thread being removed.
- You are limited to 1 thread about channel promotion in each of those sections. Any duplicate threads will be removed so just keep updating the original one if you wish to make changes or to bump it up the threads list as the most recently updated threads move to the top.
- No Sub4Sub threads. Any threads asking for Sub4Sub will be removed. Do it the legitimate way and work hard for the subscribers.

Video Promotion
- The promotion of videos is only allowed in the 'Video Promotion' section.
- You are limited to 1 thread per video so choose the most relevant genre to post it under. Multiple thread for the same video will be removed.
- You can post videos in the discussion threads but only if they are not your own videos and are relevant to the discussion topic.

Swearing & Offensive Language
- Please try to keep topics clean. We'll allow the occasional swear word but if there is any consistency with swearing your thread will be removed and could also lead to a ban.
- Do not post anything hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, sexually-orientated, discriminatory or anything else that violates local and international laws. Doing any of these things will result in your posts being removed and your account being banned.

No Spam
- As mentioned in some of the above rules, any spam posts will be removed. This can also include multiple threads for the same video or topic.

No Trolling
- We created this forum to help bring the community together by allowing you to share your videos will other members. We want to keep the forums clear of any disputes, arguments or anything that disrupts the peacefulness of the forums.

Private Messages
- Private messages are not to be used for video or channel promotion. Any reports of this will result in you being warned. If you continue doing it your account will be banned.

Please stick to these rules and everything will be great!

Enjoy your time here at TYC :)

TYC Admin

p.s. Rules are subject to change at any time without warning.

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