This week will have loads of uploads.

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This week will have loads of uploads.

Postby Originalnex Mon May 28, 2018 3:28 pm

Today Monday 20:00pm (British Time) approx 15:00pm U.S.A Eastern I think, has the vlog of last week up.
Wednesday 20:00pm (British Time) has Ducks of Pondania video which is just me video recording ducks, a swan and geese for nature type video.
Friday 20:00pm (British Time) Will be Lets Talk Business how to get out and start up a business and why you should.
Sunday 20:00pm (British Time) Another hip hop track by myself called Save Me produced by Dansonn.

Here is a link of one of the recent videos why not watch, like, subscribe and hit the notification button -

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